Superintendent:  Glenn Nowosad, who can be reached at 780-842-3992.  
Email address is: [email protected]


Trustees for St. Thomas Aquinas School:   
Mrs. Debra Klein: 753-6389

St. Thomas Aquinas School Staff Directory:

                             Cindy Dallyn Jr. K, K Teacher       

Melissa Mercer Grade 1 Teacher   

 Brittaney Olson        Grade 2 Teacher Morgan Foley                Grade 3 Teacher Bev Yeo Grade 4 Teacher Jeremy Cairns Grade 5 Teacher Jeffrey Cazes Grade 6 Teacher Tamara Weyenberg Grade 7 Home Room David Stang Grade 8 Home Room Julie Bouma Grade 9 Home Room  Russell Lefley   Grade 10 Home Room Hilary Mawson Grade 11 Home Room  Clayton Creasy Grade 12 Home Room Cory Mercer Teacher/Athletic DirectorDwayne Coffey Principal Lee-Ann Coffey School SecretaryWenona McCormick School Librarian Tracy Biever                     Instructional Assistant Sue Wolkowski Instructional Assistant Lori Lee Scheck Instructional Assistant Shelly Schug Instructional Assistant Cheryl Gramlich         Instructional AssistantStacy Lloyd                    Instructional AssistantLori Walz School Custodian

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