Work Experience Program

STA Work Experience


What is it?
St. Thomas Aquinas offers the Work Experience Program to students in grades 11 & 12. This program provides students with the opportunity to apply in the workplace, knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through other course work. It also provides an opportunity for students to further personal development, career planning, and employability skills through placements in off-campus works stations or work sites.
How do I gain credit?
You will gain 1 credit for every 25 hours of work experience up to a maximum of 30 credits. However, only 15 credits can be applied towards your high school diploma.
How will I be assessed?
Assessment will be finalized through a coordination of employer reviews, student self-assessment, handing in all necessary paperwork, and a final teacher evaluation.
What is the process?
1) You will notify Mr. Cairns that you are interested in taking work experience. 
2) You will be provided with a student package and an employer package. Please read over each carefully as some pages will need to be returned prior to starting.
3) You will be responsible for speaking with employers to line up a job.
4) Mr. Cairns will conduct a work-site inspection of your place of employment, going over expectations with your supervisor.
5)Once your work-site is approved, you can begin recording hours on your monthly time log. Please hand them in each month to Mr. Cairns.
Students are required to complete HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems prior to being accepted for work experience.
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